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State Required 6 Hours @ $270

Permit Course – $30

Road Test Package:
Refresher Course Plus Car For The Test – $140

We offer free pick up and drop off.

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•  Explanation of the dashboard instrumentation, controls and driver safety features inside the car
•  Teaching the rules of the road
•  Explanation of street signs and signals
•  Practicing starting, stopping, and accelerating
•  Intersections (right of way, pedestrians)
•  Reverse driving
•  All types of parking
•  Explanation and practice of the fundamentals of all turns (right, left, u-turns, k-turns)
•  Highway driving (entering, lane changing, exiting)

Driving Lesson Programs for Newly-Arrived Immigrants

Kilmer Driving School offers special programs for newly-arrived immigrants who need to get a valid license to drive in New Jersey.

We have instructors who speak English, Spanish, and Arabic.

If you have any questions about the services offered at  Kilmer Driving School, or would like to schedule classes with us, please Contact Us. We are happy to answer all of your questions. We always work to make your experience at our Driving School in East Brunswick as great as possible!

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